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[art: G1, motormaster/breakdown]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
Valentine's art 4/7, for caiusmajor, Motormaster/Breakdown, cuddling.

I feel like Motormaster's head is huge, in spite of redrawing it a few times. Someone on my twit list suggested this might be explained as a representation of his ego. I think we'll just go with that.

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I like! It's neat how you've got them posed, because it emphasizes the size difference between them. I also like it it seems that Breakdown's optics seem to be looking at Motormaster's chin. Perhaps that's my imagination, but it suits Breakdown very well.

I like the coloring on the optics, too.

♥ Thank you! I was a little bit worried I might have overdone the size difference, but after rewatching a couple of Stunticons episodes, I think maybe it works. I'm glad you like it!

...omg I shamelessly love this. I can't stop staring at Motormaster's chest.

;) Because he has fine, manly robo-boobs. No one can resist them.

Thanks for looking!

Eeeee thank you! I especially like Breakdown, being all snuggly. :D

And I don't think Motormaster's head is particularly to big--or at least, most TF heads are ridiculously small, so if anything he's up to a more normal head-to-body ratio.

♥ Yay, I'm glad you like it! I enjoyed drawing this one, and I do rather like the characters' designs, so thank you for giving me a reason to try them!

This is awesome. Good job!! :D

Oh, they just look so sexy together. Great lines, wonderful way to show the size difference, love their expressions! <3

Thank you! I rather like the look of this pairing as well. Now that I've read a few Stunticons fics I'm kind of sorry there isn't more art of them.

I'm glad you like it <3

I'm kind of late, but I can't stop thinking of small pistons pumping.

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