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[art: G1, Megatron/Shockwave]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
I don't know how long it's going to take me to finish all the request art I promised people for Valentine's Day, so instead of waiting to dump it all at once like I did after Christmas, I'm just going to post it as I finish it this time.

First up is some Megatron/Shockwave for stormbringer986.

Technically not porn but it involves canon arm fellatio and a glory hole, so. NSFW?

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Mmmmm Megatron/Shockwave.

I can't help but assume that this is in fact a glory space-bridge. :D

LOL, yes! That is a fantastic idea.

(Deleted comment)
hahahahaha!! that's effing brilliant! <3

*sporfles irl* You win. You win, this is amazing.

This is all kinds of awesome! Thanks :)

I'm so glad you like it ♥ Thank you for giving me the prompt!

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