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[art: IDW, cyclonus]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
Cyclonus for caiusmajor's birthday. I was going to try to get this posted last night but I ended up not liking the coloring and just starting over from scratch.


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Eeeeee this is awesome! CYCLONUS! All grumpy and looking away but MMMM LEGS.

Thank you so much! :D

I can't imagine him not being grumpy, but he's sexy-grumpy. And LEGS! I'm glad you like it <3

I love that pose so much. Mmm, Cyclonus <3

Oooh. That's lovely. Handsome Cyclonus is handsome x3

Damn, look at that smolder.

He's at his sexiest when he's looking dour ;)

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