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[art: G1, jazz/soundwave]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
Fourth pic of five from the requests I took on Twitter this month. This one is for evvj, Jazz/Soundwave.

At some point I might touch this up and give it a proper background.

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Mmmm Soundwave. I love his pose especially.

(And Jazz too! But Soundwave is my favorite.)

Thank you! He's one of my favorite Transformers to draw. Jazz is cool too, but IDK, I like trying to make Soundwave expressive without a real facial expression.

Nicely evocative! I love their arms in this one - good sense of tension/motion/I dunno, I'm not an artist but I like it.

Thanks! I've been trying to work on making my poses more dynamic, so I'm glad to hear this worked for you.

HOT. DAMN. yes please oh my goodness this is delish. I will just. Drink this in for a while. Yes.

<3 Aw, thank you! Drink away, I'm glad you like it!

i'm just... gonna sit over here and drool at the hotness. yes, this is a good plan.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I love you so much right now.

Aw, <3 They really are one of my favorite pairings. I should draw them more often.

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