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[art: TFA, swindle, nsfw]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
So a couple of days ago I offered to draw for my twitter buddies, and ultharkitty requested TFA Swindle self-servicing.

The anatomy is iffy and as per usual, I haven't *quite* managed to pull off depicting a hand grasping something. But. Swindle. You know you want to see this.

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You know you want to see this. Yes. Yes, we do. XD

Hot damn <3 I just woke up, and I'm not very coherent, so hopefully I can articulate how much awesome this is. Sprawled debauched Swindle is a wonderful thing, and those colours and the background work so well. And as for his mouth. Yeah, hot damn :D (And his hand doesn't look like iffy anatomy, looks like he's doing exactly what he wants to do ;) )

Aw, thank you! The hand's really not too bad but I always have trouble with his torso and those shoulder things. But I'm pretty happy with it overall, and I'm really glad you like it <3 And thanks for the prompt! He's one of my favorite characters but it had been a while since the last time I tried drawing him.

Awesome, you also did a great job capturing the light really well (the wall sconces, the ones on the robot). Overall, best drawing of a masturbating robot I've ever seen, bar none. Fab job

Aw, thank you! <3 That's high praise, and I really appreciate it.

SO YES THIS IS SO HOT THAT I GOT REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE TELLING YOU HOW HOT IT IS. Which is why it's taken so long to comment. But it's really hot so I wanted to let you know it's hot. Yup. :x

Aw, thank you so much <33 Don't feel uncomfortable, I love hearing that kind of thing! I'm glad you liked it ;)

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