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[art: G1, drift/perceptor, tentakil]
hula girl
iiiskaaa wrote in drunkangryrobot
For swindleslog's birthday. Credit for Tentakil's bland creeper face goes to her, I really can't imagine him looking any other way, LOL.


Wider crop of the top panel:

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Oh my god somehow you made Tentakil hot to me. I just--how-- kdfjghkhkjghjhksgjd

loving Perceptor's waistline by the way |Da unf unf unf. everything about this is amazing.

I'd say it must be the tentacles but he always has them. Thank you <3 And yesss, IDW Perceptor does have a very sexy waistline.

I love the little staredown they have going. Combined with Perceptor's arm around Drift it's like, 'Step off, Legs. This one's mine.'

So hawt.

Heheheh, Perceptor's not letting that one anywhere near his Driftaboo. Thank you~

That's really awesome :D I especially love the composition of all three panels (and the expanded one), and the interactions too.

Also, butts. I love the butts. All of them. And Tentakil's leaning-wandering hand.

Robutts are the best butts. It is known.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it <3

*can't type, laughing* <3

TENTAKIL. I have all the delight. XD

He is oddly sexy. A robot with tentacles, the best of all worlds, combined with the awesomeness that is Perceptor/Drift. How can it go wrong?

Thanks for looking~ ♥

Thank you so much for drawing me this, it was so sweet of you. :)

When you mentioned that you tried to replicate the blank B) smile I gave Tentakil, I lost me shit for a minutes, because you really did. That is a creepy lecherous face that can wait. Like every macro you've ever seen of a looming face in the dark going 'SOON.'

I can't decide how Drift feels about all this, but he seems pretty focused on the creepy face. He should be focused on the sliding hand. Perceptor's probably pretty aware of it. He's not a violent soul, but damn if it doesn't look like he's about to sock a bitch. That's his Driftaboo goddamnit, go get your own.

And I love their butts. <3 The little hip/pelvic area with the peek of their legs under it. Like buttcheeks, but more robotic.

Thank you so much!

Perceptor sees all, and is more than ready to whip out that sniper rifle and show Tentakil once and for all that Drift is his waifu and no one else's.

I'm really glad you like it! I don't think it quite filled the prompt you gave me, but I thought it was a nice opportunity to try something a little different from what I usually draw. I hope you had an awesome birthday/birthday week/whatever. <3

Wow, that's really amazing! Everyone else has praised what I would (the looks, the hand, the little robobutts), but I just love what you did there.

Thank you! I had fun drawing it, and I'm glad you like it <3

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